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Bartender in New Mexico Named Top in Country

June 25, 2022
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If you've been to Santa Fe, then you are probably well aware of the incredible drinks being mixed up all over town. They're impressive and tasty! If you've had a drink at Tonic, then you may have had a drink prepared by Weston Simons- a bartender named one of the top 15 in the United States! 


Weston Simons is a bartender at Tonic in Santa Fe. Recently, Simons beat 10,000 other bartenders, making it through regionals at the prestigious USBG’s World Class Competition and being named one of the 15 top bartenders in the nation! 

Simons has worked professionally as a busser, server, soda jerk, bartender, barback, mixologist, and bar manager. He teaches classes, consults, and, of course, mixes up incredible drinks! Read more on his website: https://www.westondrinks.com/


Next time you're in Santa Fe, stop by Tonic and grab a cocktail from Simons! The bar is great- and the bartender is world-class!